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Cruiser Class Brig HMS Surprise American Schooner


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We started off with an 18 gun British Brig-of-War as our first ship, one of the Cruiser Class brigs built between 1797 and 1822. This continues in our production.

The 32 gun frigate HMS Surprise, a French corvette captured and taken in by the British which featured in Patrick O'Brian's series of books and the movie Master and Commander was the second ship we produced.

The Prince de Neufchâtel, a famous American-built privateer schooner from the War of 1812 is the third ship and is the last we will develop for a while now.

All ships are now available in three component sets. This allows you to start off building for less of an initial outlay and it also allows you to decide to substitute your preferred system or components in the kit.

We prepare each hull for your build - bonding in the servo deck, the keel rod tubes, the drain plug (if your ship has one) and the rudder base plate. We laminate the fiberglass decks with screen printed Finland birch veneer and cut out the mechanical hatch. Lastly we gather the thousands of components for your kit, check and re-check that everything is right and accounted for, build the shipping box, pack everything very carefully and then dispatch your kit.

One of the questions which we are asked frequently is, " Do the guns fire?" No, they do not. We had been working on a method of simulated carronade firing using synthesized sound, a manifolded smoke generator and super-bright LEDs for the flashes. Now, however, there is a good description of an alternate "live" method available from the web forum.



HMS Surprise