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Research Research
Cruiser Class brig hull with added stern lights. (beneteau3)
The clamping of the waterways at the base of the bulwarks. (Ray C)
CNC Machine CNC Machine
A deadeye with the chain soldered around it. Part of Dan's description of chain making. (Dan L)
Dan has used a small piece of tube attached to a soldering iron to imitate wooden plugs in his decking. (Dan L)
Fiberglass Mold Fiberglass Mold
The Cruiser Class deck showing the stubs of the two masts (where the hinge plates will be attached) and the mechanical hatch (the capstan is centered on this). (Ray C).
Showing a beautiful finish on the barrel and well detailed worm and rammer. (Dan L)
Fiberglass Mold Fiberglass Mold
A perfect finish. (Dan L). Good finishes and added fittings and gun tackle on this 32 lb carronade. The long pin is what secures the gun to the deck. (Dan L).
Fiberglass Mold Fiberglass Mold
The Cruiser Class deck hatches with added fittings and shot garlands. (Ray C) Added barrels and deck ringbolts. An unpainted Doctor Maturin is keeping on eye on progress. (Hoghappy).
Fiberglass Mold Fiberglass Mold
Foster has added a second wheel to his ship and added a brass band, Fittings have been added to the companionway and gun carriages and he has made the shot garlands and pinrails. (Ray C). Prince de Neufchatel in the dry dock nearing completion. (Hoghappy).
Fiberglass Mold Fiberglass Mold
Dan has hand made hearts for the attachment of the forestay to the bowsprit. (Dan L). Prince de Neufchatel sailing large. (Hoghappy).


Remaining stock and maritime library now for sale

Steel, Chapman & Hutchinson Ltd. has stopped producing working model sailing ships. We are grateful for the appreciation shown to us by our customers and still love to hear about our ships sailing in all corners of the world.

We have sold all the kits we had and the prototypes too, except for one, the last, our fully built and operational Prince de Neufchatel prototype ($4,000 plus shipping. Photos available). We also have a decked hull of a Cruiser Class brig ($600 plus shipping). We have some other items available too - a lead ballast keel (for the brig and the frigate), sets of Cruiser Class brig sails, rigging line, quite a lot of strip wood and white birch veneer.

We still make sets of figures (see the additional detailing page http:// which consist of 11 figures at 1:24 scale for $250 plus shipping.

You can contact us at

The full maritime library can be viewed here

To purchase any of the remaining books click here

There are several web forums concerning the building, modifying and sailing of our ship kits. You can browse through them and look at the pictures, you don‘t have to join them. The biggest forum is the one started by Ray C and contains information on all the ships, not just the brig. All forums are easily searchable:

Square Rigger kit-18 Gun Brig-of-war of 1797
Started by Ray C

Prince de Neufchatel, SC&H 1:24 Scale Schooner
Started by Hoghappy

Syren, Brig, SC&H R/C Square Rigger, 1/24 scale
Started by DanL

Design Details for R/C Square Rigger Operating Systems
Started by DanL

Sailing SC&H 1/24 scale square rigged ships
Started by Paratrooper

Ray Grosser has written an article about his building of the HMS Surprise kit for the magazine Ships in Scale. In the first article (Nov/Dec 2009) he talks about the changes he made to the sail/yard controls and servos based on his interpretation of Dan Lewandowski's system. He also talks about his absolute need for a chase boat, a camping trailer and lots of other goodies.






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